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Home Generator- Connecting to the house

18 years ago

Just purchased a Snapper 6200 Watt generator for emergency power. We live in the south and only lose power for long periods from weather (hurricanes).

I have looked over the forums about connecting the unit to our home and still feel confused about the dangers.

The equipment store that sold us the generator has had quite a few customers run the following system (they say is not legal, however works well and is safe).

Generator with output socket 240/ 30 amp

1. Make a power cord with a 30 amp male plug (goes into generator) and another male plug that will fit your 240v dryer outlet. Use 10 gage 4 pole wire.

2. Shut off the main breaker (very important).

3. Turn off all breakers on the panel.

4. Hook up your power cord to the generator. Unplug the dryer and plug in the other end into the dryer outlet.

5. Start the generator.

6. Turn on only the breakers that you will be using (know which ones go where and make sure labeled).

They say you are running a safe system that will not backfeed the main power grid and hurt a tech. They say the breakers in your home will do their job.

This system costs about $70 in cable and connectors. You could also place a 240v outlet near where the generator will be used and plug in there. Running in this case a 30 amp breaker from the main to the outlet.

This sounds safe, as long as you have switched off the main breaker.

Can I get feed back on:

1. Does shutting off the main breaker prevent feedback to the power grid???

2. Is the house protected by the breakers in the main box so as not to start a fire???

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