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Acer Griseum Paperbark Maple vs. Stewartia Koreana?

Thanks to a quest for interesting smooth textured bark in a small tree I've almost narrowed down my list to these two.

This spot is 15 or so feet from the north side of my house. Pretty decent soil on a slight hill. The water flows fairly strong another 10 feet to the north. Full sun when young, due to receive some more shade in a decade or two from other large trees growing nearby.

I've seen Acer Griseum at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and found it quite attractive. Never noticed its fall color. Is it usually any good? Also while I'll plant a good number of Asian trees anyone notice if its considered invasive?

For the Stewartia Koreana, I don't know that I've ever seen one. Any problems with stinky fruit or ridiculous juglone intolerance? My nearest walnuts are 150 feet away. Do they transplant easily enough? Are the flowers noticeable? Fall color reliable?

Once again I'm mostly going for bark and size effects. Any fall color or flower bonus's are appreciated.

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