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Is it easy to over work a 2001 Troy Bilt Pony's gears?

11 years ago

A friend borrowed a friendâÂÂs 2001 Troy Bilt Pony tiller and I feel it was worked harder than usual. Such as: tilling 12â deep on one pass vs 2â per pass as the owner suggested. The 12â effort actually broke one of the thin handles welded to the üâ joining support close to the gear box. The ownerâÂÂs complaint is that it is not shifting gears with ease as before the âÂÂOne DayâÂÂs Loan And UseâÂÂ. This is why âÂÂIf I Loan Certain Equipment I Am There AlsoâÂÂ.

1. Is it easy to over work a 2001 Troy Bilt Pony's gears, box. etc and cause changing gear problems?

2. Can a plate be removed to inspect the gears or will draining gear oil usually indicate excessive wear?

3. I feel I'll be called to help solve the matter and would like tips as what to look for mechanically, etc.

The borrowing friend purchased a 2012 comparable Ariens tiller to eliminate a future need since that sale ended. The borrowing friend has good mechanical skills, feels itâÂÂs a cable matter but is well known for misusing equipment. The loaning friend has no mechanical skills or relations but had maintained the tiller like new with yearly use. He explained that if he wanted his garden tilled 12â deep, he hired an operator with a tractor before he tilled (vs 2â passes he suggested).

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