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The new HFGH 8x10! Help!! What did i do??

15 years ago

OK, I was finally able to seriously think about ordering a greenhouse. My budget narrowed it down to the HFGH. I read all the posts, problems, etc- but figured I could handle it. I'm in Rhode Island. I want to start plants early, grow hot-house tomatoes, etc. Start my own flowers. I want to flower orchids in there, too. I probably won't use it in the coldest months (Dec- Feb).

The 8x6 seemed way to small, and the 10x12 was way too big for where I wanted to put it. it's going to live near my deck and my house, right next to electrical and water supplies.

So, the 8x10 was the perfect size. I was a little confused by the white panels in the front, so I called and asked. The support guy told me they are, in fact white. I almost decided not to buy it, but I am an orchid grower. I figure maybe low-light orchids, like phals, would benefit from being on that end of the greenhouse. Maybe I was just rationalizing- I don't know.

But, I bought it. It was $580 with shipping, and should be here in 2 weeks.

So, now I am panicking! I have a ton of questions:

Has anyone bought this yet?

Does anyone know why the front panels are white? Would there actually be a benefit to that?

Should I follow the modifications others did for the 10x12?

What type of base should I use?

Will the door be high enough ( I am 6')?

How much of a hellish job am I in for?

Am I crazy?

Well... there it is. Hopefully a start to a great conversation. I would love to turn this into a big thread, where you guys and gals (the experts) could help me along, and I could share my experiences with this new 8x10 Harbor Freight Greenhouse!


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