Beautiful Burgundy Rose for a Hot, Dry Climate

I'm designing the Garden of Lost Dreams, a contemplative yet playful garden that will include topiary and roses. I'm looking for a deep burgundy rose that doesn't turn pink during the hot, dry summers. Our winters tend to be mild, typically with a few short freezes. Nights usually cool down, even during our toasty summers. Irrigation is not an issue; we've stayed water thrifty everywhere else on the property, and will splurge on the roses if need be. The strong summer sun can be filtered a little or a lot by pruning some surrounding trees. Soil is well amended, and feeding is not a problem. Size of the rose is not important: long, flexible canes would be great, but a short rose or one with stiff canes might also work if its other attributes are garden-worthy.

I've learned so much, reading this forum -- I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm hoping to get advice regarding good burgundy roses for this garden, and currently have the following to choose from:

The Prince
The Squire
LD Braithwaite
Red Eden

Any information will be tremendously appreciated.

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