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Dealing with Scale/insects on house plants

14 years ago

I have a small lime tree and meyer lemon tree that I keep inside for the winter. Over the last 2 years they've fought a scale problem that can't seem to be cured.

I'm wondering if there's any kind of pheromone or similar product to lure these nasties off the plant and onto a fly strip or something?

So Far I've tried.

Showering them (in the shower)- worked well to clean the sticky sapy stuff off but not the bugs.

Toothbrush and neem oil solution to rub them off - worked the best of anything but still didn't kill all

Spraying Neem solution - worked somewhat but not a permanent fix

Spraying hot pepper wax solution - inconclusive as to benefit

Spraying a bonide product that is supposed to encapsulate bugs and eggs, the plant looks better but inconclusive as to reduction in the problem.

I just bought another Bonide product that is supposed to be used every 7 days.

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