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Till or not to Till in new beds or plantings?

15 years ago

I am a big believer in lasagne soil amending after a bed has been establish and never re-till an area that has plantings in it already. However, when I am starting a new bed or plant a new tree or shrub I tend to amend the soil heavily with compost, pine fines, green sand, chopped leaves/leaf mould and rotted manure if I have it on hand. After that I don't disturb the soil and have noticed the soil getting better every year with each successive addition of organic matter. Maybe I am "drinking my own bathwater" but I feel the soil gets a real head start with the amendments tilled into the soil as it seems to drain better and is looser for the new plantings to start to send their roots down and out into the bed. For veggie gardens I do till in the fall and spring, but only mulch/weed during the growing season. My question is can you really get the same level of performance if just starting with the layering or lasange method?

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