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How long after tilling in green manure till planting?

11 years ago

Newbie question: This is the first time I'm trying green manure. I'm trying to amend my heavy clay soil which is low in organic matter and for most of the winter had a large tent sitting on top of the plot I'm planning to use as my vegetable patch.
I removed the tent in late winter and a glorious crop of purple flowered vetch took it over in the spring. I'm currently in the process of tilling it in to a depth of about 6-8 in.
If i understand correctly, decaying plant matter ties up available nitrogen in the soil, so my question is: after tilling in the vetch, how long does the soil have to sit before I can plant in it? Are there any tricks to speed up the decaying process so that I can plant in it sooner? Which would I need to wait longer before doing: sowing seeds directly, or transplanting into it?
Thank you in advance for your replies! My kids (6 and 9) are thrilled about growing their own food, and I'm a complete novice, but don't want to let them down!

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