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ack, did I kill my rose bush??

13 years ago

I recently bought a "my bouquet" rose with fortuiana root stock for myself. It had many blooms when I bought it, and continued to bloom in it's pot for the next week or so. This weekend I went ahead and put it in the ground, in the same spot it had been sitting in it's pot. I'm in florida, so our dirt is awful. I mixed some peat and compost in with the dirt, but there were a lot of small rocks in the ground as well. The plant was fairly root bound, so I loosened them up some, but not a lot. Maybe I should have done more. I did apply just a little granular organic plant food and some compost on top of the soil when I was done. I've watered it the last few days. Well, today the bottom leaves are turning yellow and it just looks unhappy. There are no new blooms and the old ones are dead. Did I kill it, or is it just a bit shell shocked?

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