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Growing cherry laurel as a tree

17 years ago

I've grown up in an area with much cherry laurel in older landscapes. One thing I've noticed is that the ones that are allowed to get "out of bounds" over time make incredibly attractive multi-trunked trees. Their trunks/branches are sculptural and have a nice dark brown color and of course the leaves are pretty and evergreen and the flowers are nice, too.

Birds like the berries, and I've noticed that a lot of them roots in large old laurels too, especially in early spring when a lot of other things aren't really greened up yet.

I know they reseed enthusiastically, but the seedlings are easy to spot & yank, and if I kept every enthusiastic reseeder our of my garden it would be pretty bare.

I'm wondering, how hard would it be to purposely grow one in tree form and keep it under, say, 10'? Probably would require some pruning, but it would be easier in a tree form than on a hedge, I think ... right?

Anybody done this? Any particular cultivar it would work especilly well with?



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