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Confused about proper starting containers for indoor seedlings

15 years ago

I read Nancy Bubel's Seed Starter's Handbook chapter and I checked YouTube for videos. I am still confused, so I came here to ask more experienced gardeners.

1. What exact type of container or tray do you start your seedlings in? (I see different types at the store. Some are flat peat pellets. Others are black flat trays with 72 container 2" deep pots (6 to a section) like the ones you see at the Home Depot garden center.)

2. Do you transplant your seedlings once the cotyledon pops up? If you do, then what type of container do you transplant into?

3. Do you only use grow lights with the second transplant attempt? Or do you use grow lights both times?

4. Do you water from the bottom or spray mist from the top?

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