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Tea and Noisette roses from Roses Unlimited

14 years ago

I've noticed they have a few Tea roses that west coast nurseriese don't have.

Can you please tell me about

a. beauty


d. size of these roses:

Tea roses

1. Souvenir de F. Gaolain' sp? I can't read my scribbles,

a red Tea

2. 'Duchesse d'Albe' a dark pink Tea 1903 Leveque

3.Comtesse F. Hamilton a pink blend Tea


4. Belle Vichysoise" light pink Noisettte 1887

5. Mauget Blanc Pur" 1826

6. Oh and the 'Multiflora de Vaumarcus' if you know of it, or grow it.

Thanks, Lux

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