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What should I do with my neighbors deserted pond?

14 years ago

I have a problem. I live in a townhouse and I'm attached to one other unit. My neighbors moved out rather suddenly and there's no for sale sign, so I'm assuming that they have deserted it and are foreclosing. The problem is that they have a man-made ornamental pond in the back yard. But since they had the electricity turned off there is no bubbler to keep it going. So now it's just a stagnant pond and mosquitos are building up. My SO sprayed it with bug spray a while back, but I'm not sure that's going to cut it for the whole summer and I don't want to keep spraying it because animals drink that water. What should I do? Could I put mosquito fish in there or will they die since the algae is overgrown and there's no oxygen in the water, and my SO sprayed the surface of the water? If I attempt to drain it it will just fill back up when it rains - plus I don't have a pump. Is there a cheap bubbler I could buy to put in there? There's no forclosure papers posted on the door yet so I don't know who to contact. Does anybody have any suggestions?


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