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What should i put in my new pond?

15 years ago

last weekend i finished building / digging a 300 gallon pond in my backyard. It is aerated by a 950 gph pump that is hooked up to a waterfall which flows into a small stream. Now that i have my pond set up however, i'm not sure what types of fish and plants i should put in it. My pond has 4 zones for the fish to lay their eggs and breed. There is a pool of water that the waterfall empties into, a stream , a shallow pool, and the main pond. I want fish that will look good, breed, and eat mosquito larva. As far as temperatures go, i live in San Jose California, and so i have a pretty mild climate. Most summers it doesn't get above 100 degrees, and usually stays around the mid to low 80s, and in the "winter" it is usually in the low 60s to low 70s. It only gets bellow freezing one or two nights during the winter. Would it be possible to put some cool fish in like zebra fish or guppies? I do have one small red eared slider turtle in the pond, and i need the fish to be able to breed fast enough to make up for the one or two that he may be able to catch (he isn't very good at it though). Also, what sorts of plants should i put in the pond? I know my turtle will eat some of them, but is it possible to get enough growing fast enough that it wouldn't matter a whole lot?


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