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Shrub or Shrub like Rose for Ugly Spot in my Yard!

14 years ago

Hello everyone! As we here in TN are having temperatures in the mid 50's in January, I am going stir crazy not being able to get into yard work and have spring here! I have been looking over my yard for new things to do and plant, and I have an area that could really use some help.

On my property, there is a small grouping of utilities for our street (I believe water and maybe gas?). The cement water utility is small and lies flat on the ground, and the green plastic box that sticks out of the ground is only about a foot by 2 and a half feet, so it is pretty small. It is also pretty ugly! I would like to place 2 shrub or shrub like rose bushes to pretty up the area. Here are some things I would like from the rose:

1. Fairly easy to take care of. I do have Jean's list of disease resistant roses, who is also from the Nashville area. That gave me a great place to start. The more disease resistant, the better.

2. Any color besides yellow. Apricot and pinks and reds and whites, you name it. Pink-ey yellow is fine, just not pure yellow.

3. As thorn friendly as possible. Neighbors just moved in, they have 4 little children that may try to pick some of these flowers and I will be planting next to where our yards border. Also, I don't want any light/gas/water ppl getting their clothes ripped up and cuts all over if they have to get into these utilities (which they have done at least once last year).

4. I would like to have a rose that blooms fairly continuously. Blooming in flushes is great as well.

5. A plant that is bushy in form, not a scraggly or long cane type. I don't want people to be able to see through the plant to the ugly-ness.

6. Lastly, if I can, I would like a rose that has some scent. This is the least on my priority list.

If I can only find a rose with disease resistance and thorn friendliness, I can definitely live with that.

So far, I am looking into:

Marie Daly

Perle d'Or

Gruss an Aachen

Belinda's Dream (have heard mixed things about thorniness)


If you have any more to suggest, or comments about the one's I have listed, I would be greatly appreciative!



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