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Which plants do better in basket vs. planted directly in the pond

16 years ago

I'm about to rebuild my pond, and this time I'd like to put the plants directly into the gravel in the pond for a more natural look.

Which of my plants would do better in the gravel? And which plants should be left in baskets?

My list of plants are:

2 hardy water lilies

pickerel rush


yellow flag iris

sweet flag

yellow floating heart (yellow water fringe)

water pennywort

(may possibly get horsetail if I can find it.)

Factors to consider will be:

1) fertilizing - I normally put one Pondtabb in each basket... not sure how I'm going to fertilize when planted directly

2) winter freezing - My pond freezes at about 10" thick so anything planted directly will have to stay and will not be moved into the deep end over winter

From what I read and learned so far, I will be putting in 'plant pockets' for the water lilies and just deeper gravel surrounded by rocks for the marginals.

My new pond will be almost 2000 gallons. I'm not too worried about plants getting out of control... I enjoy gardenng and keeping them in order. However, wouldn't plant something very invasive such as watermint that I'm still pulling out of my waterfall 2 years later.

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