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Need Advice on Overseeding Bermuda with Rye Grass

12 years ago


My bermuda type grass looks really nice and dense in cooler months, but once the weather gets colder, they look awful for about almost 5-6 months. I'm sick of the dead look of the lawn for almost half the year, so I researched and found out that overseeding with winter grass seems to be my only option since it seems that killing and getting rid of bermuda grass is almost impossible.

I'm planning to overseed next week with Lolium perenne, but this will be my first time ever doing this. Hopefully I'll repeat this process every year, but I'm a bit worried about doing this right. I doubt that I can overseed homogeneously with hand, so I have purchased 2 products which look like they will be of some great help:


and a hand held smaller type



Any tips about how I can use them most efficiently? There are lots of flower beds and islands etc... with edges in my garden, so a single walk by with the big spreader won't do it. (the hand spreader may work at those curvy edges?)

For the open areas though, I believe the big spreader will come in handy. Its manual has a suggested setting for the rye grass and I am planning to use that. However, I have no idea about how I can use the hand spreader to throw a certain amount homogeneously. (eg. 30 g. per 1 square meters)

I'm sure you have similiar products in your country as well. Do you have any advise / tips about how I can use either of the above products efficiently. Should I make a "test" over a sheet or something before the actual use?

Also, any other general advice about overseeding? All I am planning to do is, mow the bermuda as short as possible 2 - 3 times, overseed, add a thin layer of nice cover material and roll over. Then I'll water 2-3 times a day with the sprinkler system unless it rains.

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Regards to all,

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