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What am I doing wrong?

15 years ago

I have been lurking on this board for a few years now and really enjoy reading it. From the helpful advice I've read here, I have tried to bring my lawn back to life with no success. I don't know what I'm doing wrong....

Here is what I've done for the last two years.

two years ago:

-Killed everything with round up.



-Overseeded with Southern Gold

-Put down starter fertilizer

-Top dressed with compost

-Followed watering schedule posted by BestLawn, I believe

About a month later, my grass looks AMAZING !!!!

-Winterize sometime in November

Very early spring, I have the PH tested and it is within the proper range. Spring comes and the grass starts to look amazing again after I fertilize in the late spring. However, as the summer goes on, it completely dies. I'll admit, I probably didn't water as much as I should have. I promise not to make that mistake next year.

Ok, in the fall of last year, I repeat the above process and after about 5 weeks my yard looks amazing. I type this, my grass couldn't be more dead!!! I watered my grass every week for about an hour and my grass is still totaly dead.

I realize that it has only rained once this year, but I haven't missed a week of watering so I'm at a lost.

Is it simply the lack of rain or am I missing an important step?

I would appreciate any suggestions......well, almost any. I do not want bermuda or clover. I'd really like to have a nice fescue lawn.

Thanks in advance!!!

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