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Inherited organic soil, should I use it?


I found someone offering organic soil for the taking because they were having to move their vegetable garden. I was so surprised and delighted to see it offered, since I was in need of some fill, that I didn't ask enough questions. I guess I was assuming that someone who created organic beds would have great, safe, soil and that was all I was thinking. Then when we went to pick it up, he mentioned that we might find Japanese Beetle grubs in the soil as he had a problem with them during the growing season. Then I spied one long root of what looked like switch grass in it. I asked him if that was what it was, but he dodged the question and said he mulches very heavily with leaves and rarely sees a weed. So I dragged home buckets of soil but now I am a little anxious about using it. I have not had a Japanese Beetle problem ever and I just got rid of a perennial grass weed that drove me crazy. Is there anything I can do, like sift the soil to get as many Japanese Beetle grubs out as I can? I thought Japanese Beetle grubs were in lawns, not raised vegetable beds? I am pretty sure the weed I saw was one that didn't get shoveled into our buckets, but I am not as worried about that because I got rid of it before and I know how to do it now. Plus I can keep my eye out for it as we are using it. The soil is dark but very fine texture which is different then mine. I imagine that is okay, right?

Any thoughts?



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