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Will mulch prevent ground covers from spreading?

I have a small ”u shape” patch of dirt at the end of ny driveway, streetside street side. its bordered by a concrete curb on 3 sides. I planted sedum tiles & sempervivvums in that spot but the weed battle there is strong. (full sun). I wanted to mulch it w/ pea gravel to help stop the weeds, but will that prevent the spread of my semps? Ive never grown them beforw. Also kind of worried since the space slopes downward toward the sidewalk that the pea gravels will slide down onto the sidewalk and cause an accident. That sidewalk gets alot of foot traffic/bikes and golf carts. If the pea gravel sounds like it may not work, does anyone have any other suggestions for a groundcover to suppress weeds until the semps finally fill in that space?TIA

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