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is it ok to put soil directly on grass when filling raised beds?

14 years ago

I have been looking forward to starting my own vegetable garden ever since we bought our house back in November. We have built the boxes, figured out where to put them the back yard, and got a great deal on bags of compost. I am all ready to go, but have no idea how to actually start to fill the boxes with the dirt - there seems to be so many different views on that! We can't afford to rent a sod-cutter, don't own a tiller, and it seems that simply digging up the ground (with grass and all the roots still in it) would create a major weeding problem in the future. I have read that it is possible to simply place a layer of newspapers and leaves on the ground (again, with grass and all still being there) and then fill up the boxes. I, however, worry that the roots of new plants won't be able to penetrate the untilled, soil. Does anyone have any idea what is the best to do in this situation, or had similar experience? I need to add that the boxes are 6-inch deep.

Thank you in advance!!

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