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Veggie garden design advice needed for backyard

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

This area of our backyard faces SW and gets the most sun. I've been planting heat loving veggies here so far, but in containers. I'm looking to have raised beds here, along the wall and the wooden fence. I plan to remove the current beds (brown wooden ones you see here) and do most of the myself as I have a limited budget. Here are some of the questions I have in mind:

- Is installing raised beds near the foundation a bad idea? Concerned about water damage.

- How do I go around the basement windows as the raised beds will be straight and square?

- I don't want to remove the pavers at the moment (will get them replaced perhaps next year). Can the beds be installed over the pavers, if they shouldn't be near the wall?

Any help with the design of this space is more than welcome. I'm really hoping I can turn this into a lovely space for growing food and our retreat.

Thank you for reading.

The raised beds I'm thinking will be similar to the one you see here to the right along the white garage wall.

I will move the bins from here to the garage (behind the bins).

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