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Help: Hollies Transplanted with Very Small Root Balls

last month

I'm on Long Island. A few days ago I got 7 holly bushes from a neighbor who removed them to make room for green giants. They are anywhere from 50-60 inches wide. The problem is that they were removed with very little root ball. I'm looking for any tips anybody might have to help me miraculously help as many of them survive as possible.

So far, I carefully planted them using the existing soil mixed with mushroom compost and some Humichar. After they were planted, I watered them with Bonide Root & Grow. The temps when that was done were mostly in the 40s. And since then they've been watered every day. The temps for the next 5 days will be from lows in the 30s, to highs in the 40s. However, next week the temps will be lows in the 40s to highs in the 60s.

Is there anything anybody can recommend--from products to practices--regardless of how labor intensive they might be, to give them a better chance at surviving? I love these bushes and want to make sure I'm doing everything possible that could help them.

And FYI, I'm doing this all organic, and beyond that, I don't use any products with any kind of animal products from fish meal, to bone meal, blood, etc.

Thanks for any tips in advance!

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