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Newbie to lawn care and think we made a huge mistake

11 years ago

Hi all, I've read a lot on these forums and now am finally posting. Please be gentle as my husband and I are total lawn newbies. Here's the problem. We moved into this rental on May 29th and were told we need to take care of the front and back lawn. Both were terribly overgrown and full of weeds. We mowed and then started to address a large bald spot in the front lawn. We raked up the dirt and put down seed. Then there were a couple big rains that washed the seed away (our front lawn is sloped). Within days the hole was growing neon green crabgrass. We were both so busy we weren't able to pull the weeds so now we have a nice big neon green crabgrass patch (the clover and dandelion is also an issue but those are sporadic over the lawn). Is there any way we can fix this? If so, when should we do it and how? Are we looking at tilling that whole area?

Now onto the latest issue. Our landlord fixed some grading in the back of the house and moved a large area of 70's landscaping rock to a new area. He asked that we seed or plant flowers or something where the rock was removed (there's still quite a bit of small rock in the soil and our soil is incredibly sandy). We raked, spread seed and then watered and the grass started growing, but all the seed fell into little lines where the rake tines were. Where the soil hills were is now hundreds of little weeds! I've attached a picture where you can see all the weeds. After reading on the Minnesota extension site I now know that this is the WORST time to till the dirt due to weed germination. What should we do? I'm thinking to just scrap the area and cover it with plastic or something? Or will the baby grass be able to overcome the weeds? We also have a large patch that we painstakingly weeded where an above ground pool was and had put down seed too, but that seed never sprouted. Should we cover that area until later in the year?

Sorry this is so long but we are such newbies and since we are renting we want to do this right and not ruin the yard.

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