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Help! I think I made a huge mistake with Image crabgrass killer

9 years ago

Hello everyone. I've been a lurker for awhile and finally screwed up enough to ask a few questions.

I have a small Bermuda yard that I do my best to maintain. I had it looking pretty nice up until the temp got up in the 90s. Once the temps rose, I had a terrible crab grass infestation. It was all over.

I now understand that prevention is the key. Too late for that. So I bought some Image Crab grass killer, mixed it per instructions. I guess I sprayed too much per sq ft. It killed 95% of the crabgrass in a day or two. But then with the heat my beautiful once deep green Bermuda is badly yellowed.

I was advised to keep it watered to the point where I can stick a 8 inch screw driver all the way down. I have done this every evening.

I was told not to apply some super high nitrogen fertilizer because it may damage the already weakened grass by the man at the hardware store who claimed he was an expert. I was told to put something high in nitrogen down immediately by the head golf pro at the local golf course.


I called Image, they suggested applying Ironite. I did that this evening. We shall see how that goes.

I'm pretty bummed that this happened, I am in a slight competition with some neighbors and I just fell to dead last:(

How can I fix? Thanks in advance!

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