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Bermuda Grass will it grow Part 3

12 years ago

Well guys thought i would check back in with a few updated pictures of my project. Excuse the camera it fogged up when i walked out this morning, this should give all you guys who think planting grass seed is a waste of time..although my water bill went up 180 bucks since i started this on June 1st until now.

these are of start of project on june 1st.





These are after 20 days, june 21st:





And these are this morning July 15th:





This is Day and night from where i started, now granted this isnt a full lawn of lush bermuda but it has a lot of grass and weeds, I am sure that by the end of August i will have a full lawn, I am going to spread some more seed on the thin and bare areas that didnt take and since i mowed actually for the 1st time yesterday after i spread the seed i will spread starter this ok?



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