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Help Identify - Brown/Yellow Dying Grass Killing My Lawn

15 years ago

ladies & gentlemen, please help me identify what is killing my lawn and how i can correct this damage...would be GREATLY appreciated, and will be in awe of your lawn care knowledge and might! (not joking)

i've gone from "the best lawn on the block" to, "hey, what's going on over there?"

i see some similar posts on here, but not with pictures, which i have included...once again, any help would be GREATLY appreciated...

at the beginning of spring, applied lime, and scotts turfbuilder, and have done a second turfbuilder application last week...since then, grass has brownish/yellow patches (per pictures), i have a scotts reel mower that has been sharpened, we have had very wet weather in New Jersey, pretty much 30 days of rain out of 60 days...i do apply for grubs, but never this early...

it seems that some of the neighbors have the same issue, but not 100% sure...i've tried to take a few pics to show the different views including one of the yellowing blade, which feels very hard...

Please help me...I'm stumped at what it is and what to do...thank you!




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