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Help. Patchy lawn and massive dandelion issue

8 years ago

Hello, my name is John and I'm a new homeowner as of October last year. I don't remember the lawn being like this when I bought it, but there are some large and small patches, and so many dandelions the mower can't cut them down.

I bought grass seed and I planted in some areas but it took over a week to grow and is patchy growth at best. I raked the soil first and watered heavily right after. I did not use any straw but I can tell that the seeds are still there (they didn't blow away). Did I not use enough seed? Did I not rake enough?

As for the dandelions, I am really opposed to using Round Up or any Monsanto or Bayer products (let me know if this post belongs in organic lawns). I tried spraying vinegar, and while that killed the leaves of the dandelions, the grass around them died too and I still need to pull the dandelions out. Do I really have to use Round up if I want a good lawn?

Another question, did I seed too early? It's still hits 40 degrees some nights here in Indiana.

Any and all advice is more than welcome. I'll add a couple photos.

Many thanks,
-green thumbless John

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