1/2 bermuda sod, 1/2 bermuda seed help

8 years ago

About 3 years ago we built a house in a non traditional neighborhood. No uniformity, various ages of homes, large lots. Our lot is roughly .33 acres. I'm not sure how many square feet exactly. Our builder used bermuda sod, directly around the house, the front yard and dog run, and applied bermuda seed for the back yard. I didn't know better at the time, and the builder nor I wanted to incur the added cost since it was bigger than his usual lot size, but they DONT match. Now the part that was seeded is full of weeds, the sod acts as if it is getting more weeds because of intrusion from the surrounding. The way it is now fenced the front yard has a mix and so does the back as far as types of bermuda. Cut off is clearly seen.

Can a bermuda seed be used to help bring it together? Something that will kind of blend with both. I know the sod is a tif variety of some kind and the seed is like a sahara bermuda or something like that. Lowe's had it. Not wanting to renovate as we may be building again in a few years but want it to look decent. I'm getting ready to treat with weed and feed and possibly spray a weed killer. Any thoughts

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