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Which bare-root fruit trees? It's order-time!

Ok, so it looks like all of the nurseries that carry the Dave Wilson trees are taking orders now for bare-roots in the Spring.

Whare are you going to order??

There aren't really any new ones that I can see. Most disappointingly, they didn't make any of the commercially-available additional co-pollinators for royal lee and minnie royal available. Bummer.

However -- I am going to order some trees!

A 4-in1 cherry for my mom (via Bay Laurel Nursery shipping)

And for me:
Nectarines - Nectazee, Double Delight and maybe an Arctic Star;
Some peaches (not sure which yet, but low-chill);
Apples - Pink Lady, Red Fuji and Spitzenberg
and and English Morello Sour Cherry. Yay!

How about you?

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