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Cycas- Sago Palm yellowing leave :(

17 years ago

Hi there,

Well I was so pleased with my baby sago, as they seem pretty hard to find here.

I have had it a couple of months, in which time it developed it's third leaf:)

But one of the older leaves is turning a yellowy colour, can anyone tell me what I've done wrong...and should it be removed? Only I know how long it takes to get leaves on a sago, so am loathed to take it off:(

The sago was in pretty full sun at certain times of the day.After the yellowing, I moved it into the kitchen next to the window which I believe is North facing.

I have put a little shingle round on top of my sago's soil, could this be causing problems? Will it make the developing trunk rot at all?

Sorry for so many questions, i just dont want to lose my tiny's already suffered the trauma of a bent leaf!

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give :)


mandy (UK)

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