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Tips for my damaged Yucca elephantipes

14 years ago

Hi all,

I just moved to a new place and in transit my 8' Yucca was damaged. The plant consists of two main trunks (each about 3 1/2" in diameter), one about three feet high and the other about five. From each of the trunks are three side shoots. In transit, the crowns were broken off the two largest side shoots and two of the side shoots on the lower trunk were hanging on by a thread of bark by the time they made it to my new place. The plant is very sad looking right now.

My questions:

Can I top the two trunks just below where the current side shoots are branching out?

There's some black waxy stuff covering the tops of the two main trunks which I assume was put there to seal off the trunks when the original cuts were made. What is this stuff, and if I do cut off the tops of the trunks will I have to re-seal them?

What conditions will be best for the resulting leafless plant until it starts putting out new growths? Is there anything I can do to help the plant along to produce more of these growths in a shorter time period?

What time period would I be looking at before I see growth?

The soil the plant is in is getting a little old. Do I repot now or hold off until it is growing again?

Sorry for the barrage of questions...this was my favorite plant and I want to see it survive and looking as good as it did a couple weeks ago. If there's any upside to this story it's the quality of light I have in my new place. 31 floors up with an unobstructed south-west view over Lake Ontario. FAR more light than I had in my last place.

Hope you can help.


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