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A few questions about golden pothos

13 years ago

At least I think what I just bought is a golden pothos. Here's a pic:

It was labeled as "Assorted Houseplants" at Wal-Mart, but it looked just like a larger plant labeled as a golden pothos. I wanted the smaller one so that maybe I can learn to prune it properly and add some life to my basement/bedroom. Now, on to the questions.

1) What should I water it with? Tap water, or tap water filtered through my Brita pitcher? Or does it matter? I believe I read somewhere to water it when the soil feels dry to the touch and to dump the water out of the saucer an hour after you water it because they don't like their roots to stay wet.

2) Will it ever outgrow the pot I have it in? If it does, I guess I'll just keep re-potting it in bigger pots, but eventually I'm afraid it'll get so big that the pot won't fit in the windowsill. Are my fears unwarranted?

3) Will a basement window provide enough light for it? It said "No direct sun" on the tags of the bigger pothos. A large maple tree outside my window filters the light and the window rarely, if ever, gets direct sun.

4) When and how do you prune it? I thought I read somewhere that you prune them when they get too viney and to trim right after the node a couple inches from the soil, but that may be wrong.

5) How often should I fertilize it? I bought some "Osmocote" outdoor and indoor plant food. It looks like little brown balls. Hope I got the right thing. It says to give a houseplant in an 8-inch pot 1 tsp of it, but my pothos is in a 6-inch pot. I guess I'll just give it a little less than a tsp. It also says to re-fertilize every 4 months. Is that right?

I'm sorry for all the long-winded questions, but this is my first houseplant and I'm afraid I'll end up killing the poor thing. Thank you all for listening to the rambling of a newbie. And thanks in advance for your answers.

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