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Need help with Golden Pothos

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have somewhat recently acquired a '2nd hand' Golden Pothos that was made to climb a coconut hair pole. It grows like crazy and, because this is one of my first plants and I have never before cared for any myself, I didn't really know what to do with the vines. I just kept tucking them away in between the others without trimming, and it has gotten really messy-looking as a result. I have just now untangled the vines, and some are up to 10m/32 feet long, with only about a third of each vine holding leaves.

I want to grow it up the pole and keep the vines no longer than needed to reach the top of the pole, so as to make it bushy rather than leggy and messy. But if I do this now, I will cut off about 95% of the leaves. What remains are vines that have been fastened to the pole and have become rather ugly: they are thick and have become stem- or bamboo-like. The longer vines containing leaves are run-offs of these 'stems'. Also, a few individual leaves have shot from these 'stems'.

Now for some concrete questions: can i just cut off all the vines that are too long? Will the 'stems' grow back enough leaves to produce a full plant and cover themselves? Or should I wind the long vines around the pole? Or perhaps get rid of the whole thing and just start all over again with some cuttings?

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards,


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