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Ficus elastica (rubber tree): best timing for prune and repot

10 years ago

I have a 6-foot-plus Ficus elastica (rubber tree). It has over twenty branches coming off the main trunk, many of which are long and gangly with leaves mostly at the ends of the branches. It is currently putting on new leaves on most of the branches. I want to cut it back, root prune, and put it in the gritty mix.

I have read that it's best to repot around father's day, but I want to get the timing and order right for pruning the branches, also. I'm thinking I should cut it back hard now and wait for the new growth to come back. Then repot with root prune in a month. But maybe it is best to repot first so that there are more leaves to photosynthesize and help grow new roots. I'm not sure if I'm thinking about this correctly.

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