HELP! my aloe Vera isn't doing well!!

8 years ago

So, I was given a large aloe Vera plant as a gift. It was a mother plant with about seven babies around the mother. The pot was small so I decided to split the mother and the babies into separate pots. Now I wish I never did! The babies in the one pot were doing okay for a while, and now at the base of some of the leaves they are turning brown and mushy. I notice very small white bugs and one small "fly" hovering the plant. Now that I look at the mother plant, she also has small white bugs around her root as well. I'm scared to move anyone out of their pot because of all the trauma I have already put them through. This whole problem is probably due to me over watering. After a couple weeks of them being in their new pot I decided towater them. Help! How can I save them? I love my aloe Vera.

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