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order still hasn't shipped - should I cancel?

10 years ago

I placed an order with Burnt Ridge last year. In January I was notified that the pawpaws wouldn't be ready to ship until mid-April, and I chose to hold the whole order up for the pawpaws instead of paying extra for shipping. I talked to the nursery about a week ago and the order still hasn't shipped -- I was told I'd receive an e-mail when it does -- but I'm expecting it to ship any time now unless I cancel it (or parts of it) first, which is my question: should I, and if so what? Is it too late? Is it too hot? Does anyone know if Burnt Ridge has any kind of guarantee that would cover the extra risk of a late start/hot weather shipment? The last couple days daytime highs have hit the low 90s. We'll probably be back to more normal May 70's/low 80's when the order ships/arrives, but the recent hot weather and just seeing how far along everything else already is has me concerned. My order consists of:


Asian persimmon


crab apple


Korean nut pines

Thanks for any advice!


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