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Size of container vs. fruit tree, bush or vine size

12 years ago


Does anyone know where I can find a set of guidelines for how big a container I should use for different types of plants and for plants at different stages of maturity?

For example, if I buy a fig tree about 5 feet tall in a 5 gallon container and want to put it in something big enough to stay there for at least one year (and hopefully two to be on the safe side), what container size should I use?

I'd like to grow some fruit trees, bushes (e.g. blueberries) and vines (e.g. blackberries, grapes) in containers for a year or two before transferring them into the ground. (We're redoing our yard quite dramatically and the final locations for the plants have yet to be determined. I would like to get a year's growth in on some plants so we'll get to actual fruit production earlier than if we waited another year to buy the plants.)


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