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My PhotoChop - Where to place my Cherry & Crape Myrtle Trees?

14 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm just starting to get my landscaping underway. I built my retaining wall in the front/side of my house. You can see it a little in this picture, it goes up 4 blocks high on the site. It turned out great. Anyhow, I already got my two trees (Some Cherry Flowering Tree and a red Crape Myrtle). I got these because my house sits about 100 feet from the road and we don't have a single tree in front to help with privacy and to add depth to the house. So I created two photochops of these trees... which do you think will look best??

Keep in mind both of these trees shouldn't get any larger than 15-20 feet. I chose smaller trees so they won't cover the entire house...

COPY AND PASTE THESE URLS (I don't know how to upload multiple images)

This is both trees closer together with a small mulch bed and other plants:

This is both trees at opposite ends of the house

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