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Feeling completely overwhelmed by so many apple varieties!

17 years ago

Hello, I'm sure you all get this question too much, but never having eaten or grown the vast majority of apple varieties, I just don't even know where to start!

We have a very small back yard, and the space I have left for an apple tree is about 7 feet long and three feet wide. What I'm imagining there is a dwarf or semi-dwarf espalier with two varieties grafted onto it. I'd love to have an early season variety and a late season variety. And I'd love to have a yummy eating apple, and I'd love to have a wonderful pie apple.

Anyone have any suggestions? What would you plant if you only had space for one apple tree? (and you lived in zone 9 about a mile from the coast and had lots of fog in the summer")

Thanks for any ideas, linda

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