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Overwhelmed with tomato variety options, need some help choosing...

7 years ago

I realize that for many of you tomatophiles, planting many varieties is part of the fun, part of the experience of exploring what you can grow, etc. Not so much for me.

I have very little space, but it is adequate in all respects to grow tomatoes. That said, I will only be growing 3 plants (1 slicer, 1 paste, 1 cherry). Our family is small, and the tomatoes I have grown in the past have been prolific (with the exception of a Brandywine last year which was crowded and didn't perform well at all).

When I search through all the threads on here, and elsewhere on the internet, looking at brix ratings, and what each strain is resistant to, and how many days for each variety, it just ends up boggling my mind. I get more frustrated than simple enjoyment out of the initial selection process.

If anyone could point me in the right direction according to what I'm looking for, I'd be deeply indebted.

I'm looking to buy local plants (metropolitan central ohio), so recommendations should focus on the more common varieties.

1) A Slicer which is ideally 7-10oz size, Red, and with a 60/40 mix of Sweet/Hearty Tomato Flavor, not especially acidic, in an indeterminate plant - hybrids are fine.

2) A very/extremely sweet cherry which is prolific and indeterminate - hybrids are fine.

3) A heavy yielding, rich tasting paste tomato which is determinate or semi-determinate - again, hybrids are fine.

What is a short list that I could be looking for?

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