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need chicken advice quick!!

15 years ago

As you may have read on another of my postings I brought a wire cage for my chickens. I measured it today and now the real measurements are 10' wide 2' deep and 30" high. I built an enclosure on the side of my barn to go around it and it is 6' high in the front 6.25' in the rear, 12' wide and 4'deep. Basically I was trying to make and enclosure around the cages that would make it a bit more predator proof. I made the back higher than the front so the roof will slant. I plan to use tin but the problem is because it is so wide I am not sure it it will last through storms. How did I get roped into thinking I could build a coop? It is you giys fault!! LOL

The internal cages use metal bin feeders similar to this:


for water it has bottles like this on it:


now my question:

will chickens appreciate and use the water bottles? I thought it was such a good idea in the beginning but now I am wondering if they will actually use it.

next question:

should I let the chickens live with the wire on the bottom of the cage or should I put some bedding on it? of course if I put something on the bottom then I will have to put something over the bottom so it will not fall through to the ground. thoughts??

next question:

Has anyone made a door? Do you think 4'wide is too wide for a door?

Next question:

How high off the ground should I place the internal cage? I was thinking about 3 feet but once I place it I will not be able to change it.thoughts??

Lastly should I let the chickens live in the cages for a while before I let them out in the enclosure?

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