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New Construction Land Grade Rules And Water Ponding Issues

17 years ago

I have just finished building a home and have had an unbelievably frustrating time getting the backyard to drain. The soil is probably 70% clay (at least) and even a French Drain did not help divert and/or abosorb the water. I got a call from my builder today and he said after heavy rains last night the backyard is a total lake.

So here is my problem. I have two daylight windows in the basement facing the backyard and they sit about 8 inches above the soil line. The backyard is shaped like a very shallow bowl (obviously not shallow enough though) and slopes up slightly at the back of the yard. The builder has said that the last option we have is to build a box around the daylight windows (which currently have a beautiful view of the woods behind our house) and build the yard up so that it slopes/drains towards the woods behind the house. I asked him why we couldn't just shave off the back of the yard (instead of building up towards the house) to lower the slope, thus facilitating the needed drainage, and he said he didn't know but he would look into it.

The same developers who own our subdivision also own the woods behind us (which will eventually be developed). MY QUESTION IS, does anyone know if the lot behind us (which is currently woods) would be responsible for making sure their own drainage and grade match ours once that land is developed? Anyone have any insight? I just don't want to cover up the great view we have of the woods but it seems that our builder is hesitant because he thinks that future construction on the lot behind us will re-create the water problem we are currently having. Wouldn't they have to make sure that any future issues like that would not come up?! Isn't there some sort of "First Come First Served" basis for new construction in this instance?

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