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What is the best potting soil for container tomatoes, cukes, etc.

13 years ago


Does anyone know of a really good pre-made potting soil mix OR potting soil RECIPE for container veggies? I'm disillusioned by Miracle Gro Potting Soil. All of the MG soil bags I've bought this year have contained things like gnats and sticks. Plus the Organic Choice "potting soil" (brown bag) becomes too hard over a short period of time. To me, a good potting soil must be soft enough so I can put my finger in the dirt to check the soil moisture.

In past years, MG bags contained a soft potting mix and plants in past years haven't had any problems. Personally, I think the Miracle Gro company is cheaping-up their product in order to keep company operating costs down(thanks to the bad economy).

I did check out Pro Mix Bx but that brand is way to hard to find in my area and ordering the stuff online is too expensive for my budget. FYI -- I'm a college student.

I don't mind making my own potting mix. I just need to know the ingredients and how much of each ingredient I need to add.

I'm currently growing Roma tomatoes, Mammoth Sunflowers, Burpless Tendergreen Cucumbers, Sugar Pie Pumpkins, and Crimson Sweet Watermelons.

I'm looking for a lightweight potting mix that stays soft in the container so my veggies won't have a hard time growing in the containers.

Thanks in advance for your help,

KS Randall

Federal Way, WA

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