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seeds/seed coat sticking to seedlings - won't come off

15 years ago

I've been having a lot of trouble this year with the seed coats on my seeds sticking to the seedlings to the point where the leaves can not push through. It's been particularly bad with my spinach, broccoli/kale and pepper seeds. I'm using the same potting mix as last year, the potting mix is very moist and I have the pots covered and at high humidity as the seedlings emerge. Any ideas why I'm having this problem now? Do you know any way I can treat the seeds prior to planting (soaking, soaking in something odd, nicking) that might solve this problem? I've tried misting/cutting after the seed coat gets stuck, but it is not working very well.

Also, someone recently posted a name for this problem. I read it and thought "Ah! That's what it's called. Now I can search on it if I have this problem". Then I immediately forgot the term :(.



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