Organic on Containers - Am I doing OK?

12 years ago

I will preface by saying I'm pretty new to gardening and probably don't know what I am doing, so I wanted some input on if you all think I am doing alright or if I'm overdoing or underdoing anything.

I'm growing various tomatoes, eggplant, various peppers, various squash, some bean, Okra and cucumbers in containers. They are all large containers ranging from 10 gallon to 18 gallon containers and 2 large kiddie pools.

For a couple of the containers, I used really old potting soil, as in, it was already in pots left by the person who owned the house before me. There are tomatoes in them and they are not all that healthy looking or big but producing some tomatoes nonetheless. Most of the rest of the stuff, I planted in April in the kiddie pools and large pots. I used supersoil potting soil. I did not fertilize at all and everything started looking pretty yellow in the end of May. I asked for advice in the veggie forum and here and got some good advice. Most people told me to use non-organic fert. which I took into consideration, but a couple told me I can use fish emulsion. I had some fish emulsion so opted for organic. I also bought some seaweed liquid.

My parents have horses and quail and both are raised without medications. They have some really well composted horse and quail manure. The horse manure is easily 5 years old. So, I picked some up and brought it home.

So here is what I did....

Week 1....fertilized once with an organic vegetarian all purpose fertilizer (granular)

Week 2....fertilized twice with fish emulsion, 1/2 strength

Week 3....fertilized once with seaweed and once with "quail manure tea" or quail manure very diluted with water.

Week 4....sidedressed all the plants with horse manure....fertilized once with "quail manure tea"

Week 4.....fertilized once with "quail manure tea"

Next week, I plan to do the fish emulsion again followed by the seaweed the week after.

All the new plants I have put in since, I have used 5 parts supersoil potting soil and 1 part horse manure. (The manure is so composted it has the same texture as the potting soil)

The plants look a lot happier and seem to be doing well. Does this sound OK for a container garden? Am I doing too much or too little?

I will crosspost on the organic forum as well.

I appreciate any input. Thank you.


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