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good sized side yard design, mostly color and bloom time question

11 years ago

Ok, so the most prominent plants, I.e. the frame of the side yard will be white and off white flowered hydrangeas and a lilac. The side yard is on the east side of the house and the long side is about 45 ft, 26 feet along the side of the house gets deep shade, only morning sun, and the south end is against a chainlink fence. Oh and the long side is against thee neighbors 7 ft tall privacy fence. There is currently nothing in this side yard. There is a spring blooming crab Apple at the very far ne corner of the front yard which is continiguous with the side. I want to kind of square off the side yard with a cutting garden that will be loosely designed, but mostly functional, so that will cut across from east to west between front and side yards. I'm not going to worry much about the foundation area this season other than smothering it because it is full of raspberry canes, alliums and weeds that a previous owner planted and never controlled. I plan on covering the entire area with black plastic sheeting to smother out the ground ivy for this season and next year pulling it up where I want pathways and seeding with a grass/clover mix. I have 3 forsythia I figure.I might as well use there also. Obviously they are early jloomers and bright yellow. The front of the house has a. Cherry tree that doesn't bloom every year, but otherwise dark purplish foliage and white flowers. There are swooped willows(supposedly pink in spring and light grey green otherwise) as well as purple butterfly bushes.and mid red.ground cover roses. Ok, so what I'm thinking is I want to build the border along.the south and east fences, both.are part shade. I "think" I want every color EXCEPT red and Orange. So pinks, purples, cream, peaches, a little blue and a little burgundy. I figure yellow and purple will look ok together in spring? What else will go with that? Blues maybe? In summer the hydrangea will bloom so maybe pinks and peaches.and burgundy for some depth? And then in fall I know waters are popular but I'm not sure how the typical fall colors will go with the hydrangeas. I also want to stay away from the highly poisonous plants such as digitalis and poppy even though I love both, because of my 2 toddlers. The center area of the yard is going to be used as a mlelon.patch this summer so no landscaping will be placed there for now. Any suggestions, ideas? Sorry if my description is hard to understand, ill try to post pics.

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