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'cliche back yard, that is: a square of grass with flower beds on

14 years ago

three sides and a patio up near the house." This was in Ink's post on clearing an overgrown plot. Started me thinking. If you have a traditional sized city plot, say 50' by 150', and you want a place for the kids/pets to play, and you want pretties (flowers, shrubs) and edibles, and a place to relax (deck. patio, porch) and privacy, what can you do besides the cliche? You don't want the patio or whatever far from the house because an extra 20' from the kitchen can make a difference when you are entertaining. Your lot is not wide enough to put your veggie or flower beds in the middle and leave any space for playing area.

Divide the back yard into rooms? Fence it for privacy so you don't have the shrub border? Seems like the standard suburban plot forces you into the cliche design.

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