New Gardener please help! - Caring for Foxgloves

sallie_gardenerJuly 11, 2006

I have just recently moved to a house with rather over grown front and back gardens which I am trying to tidy up and care for. I have never had a garden to care for before so I'm not sure how to care for a lot of the plants. I'd like to know please how I cut back Foxgloves. I have been told that once they have flowered the stalks need cutting to encourage more flowers. Where do I cut them? Can someone offer me some advice? It would be much appreciated, thank you!

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Cut them at the bottom of the stem, where they meet the rosette of leaves. If you can see new flower buds forming lower down the stem, cut just above these.

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Regular biennial foxgloves? I yank them after they flower. The foliage is big and ugly and the secondary flower stems, if they come at all, are nowhere near as impressive. Leave some until the lowest seedpods release their seed, then you'll have more next year.

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I would choose one or two that I like the colour of, especially if its an unusual shade, and leave them to cast their seed for next year. The rest I either cut right down or yank out and throw away. Best of luck.

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