Best Persimmon variety?

sheppartonJune 19, 2006

Been a fan of persimmons for a while and planted a "Fuyu" when non astringents became available. It seems to me that although it is sweet when hard, it loses out in a certain "something" in comparison to the old astringent varieties I remember when it goes soft. Incidentally, I love persimmons when they get to the "apricot jam" stage.

So, my question to all you aficionadoes out there is....

What do you think is the best ASTRINGENT variety available in Australia and clues on where to get it?

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Well, Shep (sorry to be so familiar!),
I'm no afficianado of the fruit, although I used to have a 3-wood in my golf bag made from persimmon timber, and as a child I remember climbing a neighbour's huge persimmon tree and chucking the fruit at passers-by from a great height....

Here's a site that probably has more information than you need...scroll down to "Varieties".
There is also a list of contacts at the end of the article.



Here is a link that might be useful: Persimmons

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Hi I have 2 Fuyus about 12 years old and with lots of water and feeding produce the most beautiful an apricot apple when crisp and like apricot persimmon sweet jam when soft....only birds are a problem with the non astringent...gotta love them!!!!

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Shep, I am totally in agreement. The non-astringent is just not as good! Although - I remember as a kid being really really super -duper sure that it was perfectly ripe before I ate them so as to avoid that awful puckering from the astringent varieties. I can't even find those varieties in the store anymore now, so I'm going to follow shaxhome's advice too. Cheers

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